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Accounting..You are fully focused on your business.

It is the responsibility of the directors of the company or of the management of an enterprise to produce financial statements and to ensure that proper books of accounts and registers are maintained.

In today’s paper jungle, management has to spend a considerable amount of their time on writing up books and preparing financial statements hence sacrificing their productive time.

Some enterprise may wish to outsource their accounting function or may not yet reach the size that would warrant full time accounting staff. To offer these enterprises, and the overworked management, the benefits of proper accounting, hence allowing management’s time to be gainfully employed, we can offer bookkeeping and accounting services.

This service ensures that, for a reasonable cost, clients can benefit from the proper maintenance of books of accounts and regular financial information. This is particularly useful to clients who are setting up.

Our Services

The partnership is a general practice and offers a wide range of services and the core services provided by the partnership are

• Audit and Assurance

• Corporate Advisory Services

• Accounting

• Taxation

• Insolvency

• Company Secretarial Services

• Business and Management Advisory Services

• Investigations

The clients of the partnership range from individuals to incorporated bodies. Clients are small medium sized entities and some listed entities that require attentive and personal services. The partnership's clientele in the various industries can be classified as follows:




•Support Services



Whatever the size or nature of your business, an audit of your financial statements is essential for the smooth-running of your organization in accordance with the law.

SQNET Consulting Group in Malaysia, we provide assurance services to both local and international organisations, employing auditing techniques which are in strict compliance with international auditing standards. Each assurance is efficient, cost effective and tailored to the nature of your business.

Our assurance related services include:

Statutory audits

Due diligence audits

Monitoring audits

Compliance audits & Systems audits

Advice on internal control systems

Special purpose audits

Corporate Governance.. more in about investing

Many companies both small and big are now raising their corporate profile and recognising their need to have public’s confidence in their corporations.

The enhancement of their internal management practices and governance instill a better reception from both potential investors, bankers, suppliers and even customer’s acceptance of them as a good company to buy from. This will lead to better credit rating of the company in the market place. This increase in confidence profile has led many companies to install systems to increase transparency in reporting and corporate governance.

However, most companies still lack the expertise to set up an independent internal monitoring system and outsource this function to external service providers.

We provide outsourcing services for internal audit and can set up a system :

  • To assess the corporate risk management system of the business
  • To assess the effectiveness of internal controls
  • To assess the corporate development decision making process
  • To assess the controls over utilisation of resources

Where the need arises we also advise on the setting up of internal audit departments.


Corporate Recovery.. You want to obtain your rights we help you to do it.

We, SQNET, also emphasise on the interest of the shareholders and the company in order to ensure their welfare have been taken care and protected.

Our corporate recovery & insolvency services include:

Liquidation Services

Our liquidation team is dedicated to assist business owners, management, debtors and lenders to guide them through the liquidation process with the assurance of compliance with the statutory requirements. Our approach is to complete the liquidation process in the most time efficient manner and maximize the financial returns to the stakeholders.

We can assist or act on your behalf under the following insolvency appointment:

Pre-liquidation advisory

Members’ Voluntary Winding-up

Creditors’ Voluntary Winding-up

Winding-up by Court

Receivership Services

We have a specialist team to provide receivership services to the Court, lenders and any stakeholders who wish to exercise their rights to protect the affected company’s assets. Our role is to act as Receiver and/or Manager to manage or dispose of the company’s assets and/or business in order to maximise the recovery to the appointers.

ISO Quality Management

Quality is an essential element in the success of a company. Quality is doing things right the first time and this maximise effective use of resources. A quality management system reduces costs, deliver products or services on time and increase efficiency. This leads to higher productivity and adds value to the business.

Companies have always carried out quality control and assurance activities to ensure their products and services meet customers' requirements. However, these procedures are not formalised and documented. Further there is often no monitoring and review of their effectiveness.

Quality management standards were developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation for use by corporations to establish quality management systems to meet and satisfy their customers with good and consistent quality products and services.

We are a certified and accredited trainer to set up, organise, train and implement quality management systems to meet ISO certification and audit for continuing certification. We provide advisory services to companies wishing to establish quality management systems and also the documentation of policies, procedures and forms for ISO certification.

Quality is a continuing process and we can assist you in the training of staff to monitor the progress and effectiveness of the system and to review and improve the system. This audit process ensures that you are continually certified under the ISO standards.

The achievement and maintenance of the ISO standard is a recognition of your commitment to quality to meet customers' needs and satisfaction.

Management Accounting

To assist management in decision making there must be up to date financial information. We can advise and assist in the preparation of management data and its analysis and management accounts and reports.

Other specialist services include:

  • Financial Planning and Modelling
  • Corporate Planning
  • Operations Appraisal
  • Capital Investment Appraisal
  • Organisational Studies
  • Reports

General Consultancy

Our general consultancy service is aimed at organisations which require general corporate services. Such organisations are usually the small to medium size setting up specialist departments or requiring specialist services.

We understand and try to tailor our services to suit the needs of our clients. To provide these clients with the same management benefits as the larger corporations we introduced our general consultancy services known as Management Advisory Services

This service is aimed at removing the excessive administrative and accounting burden faced by many proprietary companies and smaller organisations. The objective is to allow our clients to gainfully employ their time to generate more business and to leave the management to us.

Our services will be tailored to the needs of each client and would vary from client to client depending on their needs.

The range of service we offer are:

  • Advising on administrative problems
  • Checking on your administrative and accounting systems and to recommend corrective actions
  • Oversees the bookkeeping and accounting functions
  • Provide timely management information
  • Management and corporate planning

Taxation ..You like to be creative we have something in common.

Our tax division provide a comprehensive range of services to clients in all areas of taxation of local and international legislation.

Our services can be differentiated into:


We ensure compliance with the tax laws, observing time limits for the submission of income tax returns and payment of tax liabilities. In addition we also prepare tax computations and agree the liability with the appropriate authority.


To obtain maximum benefits through a reduction in exposure to tax liabilities, detailed planning is required. We can provide in-depth examination and analysis of your financial status and exposure to tax and advise and propose tax efficiency plans, consistent with commercial practicalities and within the tax legislation.

We advise on :

  • Personal Taxation - minimise tax exposure and increase net disposable income;
  • Business Taxation - maximise retained profits and dividends to shareholders through tax efficient planning;


Malaysia offers extensive schemes of tax incentives to encourage industrial investment and development.

Many of these incentives overlap and we can advise on which of the applicable incentives is likely to offer the best advantage in the medium and long term.

International Tax

With the growth of international trade, commerce and investments, the exposure to international taxation and double taxation increases. We have the expertise and can advise you to maximise efficient use of double taxation agreements thereby minimising overall tax liabilities.

Problem Solving

Inadequate planning and non - compliance with tax legislation inevitably leads to tax problems.

We assist clients in resolving such difficulties with the relevant authorities to the best possible advantage. Where complex matters of law are concerned, legal opinions may have to be sought. This can be done through our association with other professional firms and services.

Tax Audit Review

We assist you in conducting a review of your tax position in identifying risk areas and to prepare you for the field audit.

Back Duty

Often as a result of the lack of planning and foresight, tax liabilities are overlooked which eventually leads to problems of non - payment of tax.

We can assist and advise clients on the financial and accounting implications of back duty situations and resolve the problem to the best advantage of the clients.













Corporate Secretarial

The corporate secretarial function is an important task in all large and small businesses which covers reporting, disclosure and compliance obligations. Companies incorporated in Malaysia are required to comply with these obligations. The continuous changing of corporate environment as well as legislation will cause many companies to face complicated rules and regulations. These companies will definitely require the services of a competent company secretary to handle their corporate secretarial matters thus enabling them to focus on achieving their business goals.

The corporate secretarial function is carried out through Secfin and provides a comprehensive range of corporate secretarial services to private and public companies, including public companies listed on Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad and foreign owned companies.

Our principal services include:

Incorporation of Companies

Provision of Registered Office Address

Provision of Named Company Secretaries in compliance with Section 139A of the Companies Act, 1965

Proper maintenance of statutory records as required under the Companies Act, 1965

Organising and attending meetings of Directors and Shareholders.

Providing advice and assistance on implementation of corporate actions such as rights issues, bonus issues and capital reduction.

Providing comprehensive practical support and guidance to directors

Ensuring compliance with requirements of regulatory authorities and Companies Act, 1965

Provision of Nominee Director to comply with the Companies Act, 1965

Act as agent of branch offices of Foreign Corporations

Conduct company searches at the Companies Commission of Malaysia

Registration of Representative Office and Regional Office with the Ministry of International Trade and Industry

Investigation and Special Audits

Certain investigations and special reports have to be undertaken by the auditor or specific professional advisers as provided by the Companies Act, 1965 and or the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association. In other cases specific request for such services are made by the client’s bankers and business associates. We have the capabilities to provide and advise clients on a wide range of services including:

  • The examination of the financial position of business which are considered for purchase.
  • Assistance in the search for business tie-up.
  • The evaluation of investment projects including the preparation of submissions to financial institutions.
  • The preparation of specialist reports for stock exchange, documents such as prospectuses or circulars to shareholders and advice on the review of profit forecasts.
  • The examination of the viability of businesses which may be indebted to clients, banks or other lending institutions.
  • Valuation of shares in private companies and of business.

In investigations work, we liaise closely with the client’s other professional advisers, such as lawyers, merchant bankers and valuers, to make certain that the client’s requirements are carried out effectively and in the most efficient manner.